Our main base is located in Cóbano, next to the Redondel Oldemar Fernández. Customers have a map that makes it easy to find the location of the main base. It can be seen on the web


Mapa Adventure Flights
Mapa Adventure Flights

The entrance to the parking lot of the flight field is done directly from a dirt road, which is accessed directly from the main road, towards the bullring or Oldemar Fernández ring. Our facilities are right next door. It is easily recognized by the blue color of the hangar.

Aerial photo airfield
Aerial photo airfield

We have a guarded and shaded parking lot for customers' vehicles

Parking Adventure Flights
Parqueo Adventure Flights

From the Parking, you can access the airfield and the hangar. Once inside the hangar, and after receiving the clients, they are briefly explained how a Gyrocopter works ,

The purpose is that they acquire confidence and security in the type of flight that an autogyro allows, and because it is a good choice to choose a Gyrocopter to carry out this type of tours.

Once all the doubts regarding the aircraft have been resolved, they are offered the different routes that we have designed , as well as the possibility of establishing a route that the client wishes. Once the route is set, a flight plan is made and explained to the client on a map, detailing which areas can be observed.

Route map
Route map

Subsequently, an explanation is made on safety issues, how life jackets work (they are always placed, in case of overflying maritime areas), photographic camera fasteners for scenic photography tours, etc…. and signing of the pre-flight contract in which they are indicated their rights and obligations when taking this tour, such as, for example, they sign that they carry out the tour of their own free will, that in case of wanting to end the tour early due to problems of discomfort, they can do it whenever they want etc….

The time has come to take the aircraft to the airfield, make a brief explanation of how to get on, and how communications with the pilot work, as well as a brief explanation of hand signals, in case of communications failure. It never happens, but better to know in advance than to have to improvise if necessary.

Autogiro ELA -07
Gyrocopter from Adventure Flights company

Pre-flight of the aircraft is carried out, the flight plan is communicated, and the tour begins

During the flight, explanations of the tour areas are made, sightings of whales, turtles, stingrays, crocodiles, etc. are indicated ... The client is always aware of so that he is comfortable and relaxed, also explaining in advance, the maneuvers that will be made, turns etc ...

Gyrocopter whales tour
Gyrocopter whales tour

Once the tour is finished, the clients are given a drink and a post-breafing is carried out where they can exchange photographs, videos of the tour, opinions and comments.

See you in the next post.

Patxi Rodriguez

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