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I will try to explain the sensations that are perceived when flying from a Gyrocopter, taking into account that it is a bit difficult, since emotions, each one experiences them differently.

The first impression that people have of an autogyro or gyrocopter is that it is a fragile and unsafe aircraft. Even many customers ask if it is a helicopter .

Nothing is further from reality!!! : the autogyro, currently, due to the new materials used in its construction, could be compared to any commercial airplane; certified engines, carbon, high-strength aluminum, special steels, aeronautical hardware, even avionics equipment, control of engine and flight parameters that do not envy large aircraft.



Autogiro Ela 07
Gyrocopter flight Costa Rica

Let's think that we have everything a great airplane needs to fly, but with much less weight. These characteristics make it an agile and maneuverable aircraft, allowing it to do things unthinkable for any other aircraft in its category. I compare it to a magic motorcycle, which allows you the freedom that two wheels give you, compared to the four of a car, only that it also flies.

The agility and maneuverability of this incredible machine, allows us to make very slow flights, even to stop in the air without having to worry about the dreaded LOSS that affects airplanes, vertical descents at very low speed, turns on the axis.

On the other hand, turbulence is much less noticeable in your flight. All these factors help us to carry out a very safe and comfortable piloting for the passenger, to have within reach of our sight places and things impossible to see if it were not for the flight that a Gyrocopter allows you, take incredible photographs that will help us remember that wonderful experience. It is proven that 99.9% of people who get on a gyrocopter for the first time, exceed the expectations they had imagined.

Do not imagine it, LIVE IT !!!

Thanks to Juan de la Cierva i Codorniu for this great invention

See you in the next post.

Patxi Rodriguez

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