Is it a Helicopter Tour? No, it is not a helicopter tour, it is an Autogyro or Gyrocopter tour.

Why have we titled this article HELICOPTER TOUR? Because many people who see us flying, or see our aircraft on the ground for the first time, always ask us the same thing: How much does the Helicopter Tour cost? The answer is always the same. It's not a helicopter, it's an Autogiro or Gyrocopter.

What is the difference? An Autogyro is a rotary-wing aircraft like a helicopter, but in the case of the helicopter there is a motor that moves the rotor, while in the case of the Autogyro, it is the air itself that generates the movement. In the Autogyro the engine provides the forward thrust as in a small plane or fixed wing aircraft.

What are the main advantages of a gyrocopter or gyrocopter compared to a fixed wing and a helicopter?

Mainly, the safety it offers, since it does not stall like an airplane, and in the event of an engine stop, the rotor does not stop and allows you to land quite safely. Also noteworthy is the good behavior of the aircraft in difficult weather conditions with high winds. There is practically no turbulence and the flight is very stable compared to a fixed wing aircraft.





Another advantage to take Tours is the panoramic view it offers, in addition to the slow flight, since you can almost stop in the air. It allows you to record videos and take photos without missing anything. It is a way of doing tourism from the air, and the people who try it are really impressed.



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